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    We want all owners to ensure that their pets have a long and happy life and this means that they need to medicate as and when appropriate. And Revolution for Dogs is about as thorough a medication as is currently available for the protection it offers against heartworm disease and other common issues Dogs face.

    Let’s take a look at them;

    What it Protects Against

    • Heartworm disease
    • Fleas
    • Flea eggs
    • Flea infestations
    • Sarcoptic mange
    • and ear mites

    Nothing else offers quite such comprehensive protection against all of these common issues.

    How to Use

    Simply break the seal on the pipette whilst holding it upright and then part your pets fur down to the skin.

    Apply the solution directly to the skin ensuring that it comes into direct contact.

    Ensure that your pet stays dry for as long as possible afterwards, just to be sure that Revolution gets to work as effectively as it possibly can.

    You should find that best results come if you use every month. This is certainly recommended if you want to ensure that your pet stays heartworm free. The Heartworm Society recommend this and so do we.


    When applying be sure to keep it off your own skin. A pair of disposable gloves is always a good idea. Keep out of your eyes and your pets and be sure to never give orally.

    This is for external application only.

    Store in a very safe place, this is a serious medication after all.

    This can safely be applied to puppies over 6 weeks of age and it is also a safe option for breeding and pregnant females too.

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